(Almost) Half Way There….! Living on a Prayer.

7 hours of 27 travel hours complete! The prayer is that somehow my ticket gets messed up again and I end up in “Prestige” class in one of these babies:


Flying in style, Jan ’13. I mean COME ON. Look at that leg room and 180 degree reclining power!

Flying from Chicago to Seoul back in January was hands down THE best flight of my life.  Earlier tonight (last night? is it today or yesterday? time zones confuse me) I inquired at the Korean Air check-in desk about an upgrade. The nice Korean lady looked at my ticket, laughed, and handed it back while informing me that it would cost $4000 to upgrade to prestige. I’m not sure what about my yoga pants, flip flops and backpack gave her the impression that I couldn’t afford this, but I wasn’t going to argue. I’m still holding out the smallest sliver of a chance that somehow I get re-ticketed into that wondrous section. But I’m not holding my breath.

I had a great last day in Thailand, starting the day off with one last giant bowl of fresh fruit, muesli and yogurt at the local market followed by a final $6 hour long Thai massage. My go-to masseuse, a painfully strong woman named Goi who I visit about once every week and a half, gave me a wooden bookmark when I told her that I was leaving! So sweet. I’m going to miss that woman. So is my neck.

After a little cruising around on the motorbikes in search of a particular English teaching book, I enjoyed some chicken and rice for lunch, finished packing, and hung out with my fellow ATMA SEVA crew until it was time to go to the airport around 9:30pm. My last meal in Thailand? Pad pak gai, fried vegetables with chicken, a dish that has become a favorite second to only pad thai and tom yum.

I’m going to miss Thailand a lot. Especially the people. I’ve spent the vast majority of the past four months with the same handful of people and it’s going to be strange not to see them everyday. The internet is a great tool, but no replacement for face to face conversation over a 30 B plate of noodles. I guess I’m going to miss the noodles too.


THESE GUYS! Poor picture quality, but good times and great people so it’ll have to do.

I apologize if this post is all over the place. It’s 8:45am in Seoul, so 6:45am for my brain which is still on Thai time. I got about 15 minutes of sleep on the flight from Chiang Mai on account of being squashed in a middle seat between two average sized men. I was hoping for two tiny Asian women, but no luck. At least I have an aisle for the next 13 hour leg. Two and half more hours to kill at Incheon, then off to Chicago, a few hours there, and then back to good old CT! I’m counting down the hours until I’ll be asleep again in my own bed. Sigh. The end of a trip is always bittersweet, but right now I’m ready to be home. I’m sure in a couple of weeks I’ll be counting down the days until my next adventure. Bye tinai? (where am I going?) Yung mai lu (I don’t know yet) but there’s a whole big world out there to explore and this trip won’t be my last if I have anything to say about it!

Signing off from Asia (for now 🙂 ),

❤ J

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