Adventures in the Hills: Ob Luang National Park

There’s a lot more to see in northern Thailand beyond Chiang Mai. Check out my latest post for the ATMA SEVA blog all about our recent trip to Ob Luang National Park and Thep Phanom hot springs! A great escape from Chiang Mai and some beautiful scenery.


This past weekend the ATMA SEVA team took a trip out to Pa Pae to pick up Dan, our latest Lawa village volunteer, who has been teaching summer classes in the village for the past month. We were fortunate enough to have a little extra time, so we set off from Chiang Mai a day early to check out the “grand canyon” of Thailand: Ob Luang National Park! (Ob Luang literally means “canyon grand”, making this park the home of Thailand’s very own Grand Canyon!)

The park itself is located about two hours southwest of Chiang Mai. We took a airconditioned van from Chiang Mai headed for Mae Sariang (200 B per person, or about $7) but asked the driver to let us off at the entrance to Ob Luang instead of taking the ride all the way to Mae Sariang.  Local busses (~70-80 B) are also an…

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