Sitting, waiting, wishing.

Sitting: at Bradley International Airport, which is located in neither Hartford nor Springfield, despite the rather deceptive listing of “Bradley- Hartford/Springfield” listed on most airline websites.  This has always been a minor pet peeve of mine.  Although I suppose if they used the city, nay, relatively small town, the airport is actually located in, nobody would know where it is.

Waiting: for another… 42 minutes until I can board my tiny excuse of a plane that will take me just a hop, skip and jump away to Chicago, O’Hare.  The whole “arrive two hours early” for an international flight is a bit generous, especially here in good old Windsor Locks.  Not knowing whether that still applied even though my first leg is entirely domestic, I split the difference and arrived 90 minutes early.  Hence my current entertainment of watching half-awake souls slowly trudge their way through the DD line.  I’m holding out, hoping I’ll be rewarded with sleep on this first three hour flight.

Wishing: that I had thought ahead and chosen my seats on the Chicago –> Seoul leg of this trip rather than putting myself at the mercy of Korean Air, which I’m pretty sure has chosen to give me a middle seat.  I’m going to see what I can do about this at the ticket counter in Chicago, but I’m not holding my breath.  Oh well.  My new memory foam travel pillow ($10, thanks Marshall’s!) combined with a meager, fitful four hours of sleep last night should be a recipe for nap time.  If all else fails, I just bought a book for my new kindle, The Lifeboat, that I’m excited to start!

Anyways… next stop, Chicago –> Seoul, South Korea –> Chiang Mai, Thailand!  Despite 27 hours of travel time, I’m actually quite lucky to have such a direct route.  I’m so excited to finally be doing this, I can’t even explain.  Next time I write it’ll be from Southeast Asia!!

Au revoir, America! ❤ J

(Disclaimer: Please excuse any spelling/grammatical errors as I’m pretty sure I’m only 47% awake.)

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